Programs and Projects


SEAMEO INNOTECH's programmatic response to the goals and challenges of its five-year development plans are translated into action by the following units:

  • Learning and Training Development - The Center adopts a systematic, competency-based and strategic approach to building the competencies of education managers and practitioners at two levels–individual and organizational/institutional levels. READ MORE
  • Flexible Learning Solutions - “Sustain, modernize, transform, and transfer” is the strategic framework that guides the Center’s Flexible Learning Solutions. This means sustaining best practices of current programs and projects; modernizing capacities for continuous quality improvement... READ MORE
  • Solutions Evaluation and Adaptation - SEAMEO INNOTECH focuses on the alignment of education programs and projects to current and emerging socio-economic development needs of local communities. It conducts baseline studies to gain in-depth information and better perception ... READ MORE
  • Solutions Development - The Center does its own research and development of innovations to educational problems such as IMPACT, Madrasah materials development project, alternative delivery modes, new models of learner assessment, and other R&D projects. READ MORE
  • Research Studies - The Center seeks to contribute to regional thought leadership in Southeast Asia by (a) fostering policy-relevant education research in Southeast Asian countries; (b) contributing to the redevelopment of school curricula that links to international goals ... READ MORE