INNOTECH partners with DepEd ALS and UNICEF Philippines for National Orientation on MT4T

The global health pandemic has challenged the way education is delivered. The restrictions to face-to-face instructions have led to the implementation of alternative ways of delivering education. In the Philippines, the Department of Education Alternative Learning System (DepEd ALS) has been doing this for years to ensure that all learners can access quality education. Aside[…]

Second edition of MT4T e-Books now available on the website

The use of mobile technology in education has now become more prominent due to the current health situation around the world. Along with the increasing use of digital platforms due to limitations in face-to-face learning delivery, educators need to recognize the huge potential of mobile technology to facilitate learning continuity. In 2014, SEAMEO INNOTECH embarked[…]

INNOTECH launches “Right Click,” a podcast on digital citizenship

SEAMEO INNOTECH launched its podcast, “Right Click” in December 2020 as part of the capacity-building program for the Philippines’ Alternative Learning System (ALS) implementers. “Right Click” is a podcast on Digital Citizenship produced under a tripartite project with the Department of Education (DepEd), UNICEF Philippines, and SEAMEO INNOTECH. With the increasing use of online platforms[…]

MT4T orientation in Thailand

SEAMEO INNOTECH conducted a series of orientation on the enhanced Mobile Technologies for Teachers (MT4T) resources in Bangkok, Thailand from February 05 to 08 2018. The MT4T resources were presented to the SEAMEO Secretariat, Pibool Uppatham School, and the Teachers’ Council of Thailand.The enhanced MT4T Resource Kit is composed of an upgraded and updated website,[…]

INNOTECH conducts e-Citizenship validation activities in Philippines and Malaysia

As an addition to Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T), SEAMEO INNOTECH has developed resources on cyber wellness and digital citizenship for Southeast Asian teachers. A series of validation activities for the new resource pack was held in Philippines and Malaysia in the month of November 2017. The additional digital resources on Cyber Wellness and Digital Citizenship were[…]

Regional Toolkit on Building Disaster Resilient School Communities

Globally, Southeast Asia is the most disaster-prone region, with climate change and environmental degradation contributing to the increasing number of disasters (Canadian International Development Agency, 2012). Disasters have physical, educational and psychosocial impacts. Teachers and students are vulnerable during disasters when they are injured or killed due to unsafe schools caused by poor quality of[…]

INNOTECH re-launches Weaving Identities Toolkit

With the regional integration moving forward to the ASEAN 2025, SEAMEO INNOTECH re-launched “Weaving Identities: A Teacher Toolkit Towards a Southeast Asian Community” on 19 July 2016. Weaving Identities is a resource kit comprised of information, teaching-learning materials, and support materials about the shared values, history and heritage of the region. The toolkit is designed[…]

A Teacher Resource Kit for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Taking full advantage of the many uses of mobile technologies in education, SEAMEO INNOTECH initiated the development of a teacher resource kit utilizing smart phones and tablets to promote the development of 21st century skills. The resource kit is designed to bridge the digital divide between students and teachers who are referred to by author[…]