Educational Innovations

Merging the functions of Solutions Development Unit and Solutions Adaptation Unit, the Educational Innovations Unit (EIU) undertakes the development of new, and adaptation of existing, products and solutions to address current and anticipated needs and problems in education to help attain the Center’s vision of achieving “A better future for every learner in Southeast Asia”.

EIU has the following core functions:

• Needs assessment and environmental scanning
• Conceptualization of new educational solutions
• Identification of existing educational solutions suitable for enhancement, adaptation, contextualization, modification and repackaging
• Project proposal development and program planning to support solutions development, adaptation and/or enhancement
• Design and development of new, adapted and enhanced educational solutions
• Pilot testing, try-out and incubation of new and/or adapted, contextualized, and enhanced educational solutions
• Monitoring and evaluation of new, adapted and/or enhanced solutions
• Dissemination, technology transfer and scale up of new, adapted and/or enhanced solutions