Knowledge Forum on Cyber Safety of Filipino Learners

Knowledge Forum on Cyber Safety of Filipino Learners
in the Age of Industry 4.0
May 2019
SEAMEO INNOTECH Quezon City, Philippines

Information and Communications Technology plays a major role in the lives of Filipinos – from staying connected with their families and communities to nation-building. Of the 105 million population, 67 million were recorded to be internet users in the Philippines The internet is already embedded in the lifestyle of majority of the youth, especially of the digital natives.  

In 2015, the Department of Education and Stairway Foundation, Inc. collaborated for a nationwide study on cyber safety where children aged 7-16 years old were surveyed. The study revealed how children uses the internet and the social media, as well as how they choose to disclose their personal data online. The study also showed data on cyberbullying–who the victims and the bullies are and how it happens.

Measures in addressing these online risks have been provided by several laws existing in the country such as the Department of Education Child Protection Policy, Anti-bullying Act and the Data Privacy Act. Despite these laws, there are still gaps on the ground that need to be tackled to ensure that the learners and children know the online risks. In 2016, an ASEAN Framework on Personal Data Protection stating a set of principles to guide the implementation of measures at both national and regional levels to promote and strengthen personal data protection in the region was developed. In the Philippines, the Data Privacy Act was passed in 2012, which paved way to the establishment of the National Privacy Commission. The Commission was formed in 2016 to administer and implement the provisions of the Act, and to monitor and ensure compliance of the country with international standards set for data protection. The Commission leads awareness campaigns on Data Privacy and Protection to different sectors – including the Education sector.

SEAMEO INNOTECH, as a regional organization dedicated to identifying common and distinct education issues in Southeast Asia, is devoted to raise awareness and help develop solutions that will address issues relating to the educational sector including online risks and data privacy concerns, which have direct effect on the welfare and well-being of every learner in the country and the region as a whole. This learning exchange will eventually kick-off a series of knowledge forum on cybersafety and digital citizenship in the region. 



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