What is Mobile Technology for Teachers or MT4T

MT4T is a teacher resource kit that promotes the use mobile technology in Southeast Asian educational settings. The kit provides a basic guide in using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets and their accompanying applications, as tools for teaching and learning in the classroom and for teacher’s personal and professional development.

It also includes an introduction to the three most widely used mobile technology platforms iOS, Android and Windows and how they may be used in conjunction with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to promote student learning and professional collaboration among teachers. The kit also contains a special focus on how mobile devices can be used to promote the development of higher order thinking skills (HOTS) in both students and teachers.


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MT4T materials have provided strategies that are appropriate to the level of our learners so that we could ensure these materials meaningfully support learning.

Alfredo P. Cafe

Alternative Learning System Regional Focal Person, Philippine Department of Education

The e-Citizenship Learning Packet provided great help for us, teachers. Every topic has been explained well. Another is the lesson develops the critical thinking skills of the learners with its varied activities.

Marites R. Alegre

Alternative Learning System Mobile Teacher, Philippine Department of Education

MT4T is like a wake-up call, it reminds me that I must need to keep going, exploring, upgrading my capabilities in modern technology so that I have always something new to share with my learners, co ALS implementers, family, and friends.

Richelyn Q. Dela Cruz

Alternative Learning System Mobile Teacher, Philippine Department of Education

The e-Citizenship Learning Packet is useful to both Advanced Elementary and JHS Level learners enrolled in ALS Accreditation & Equivalency Program. It would serve them as daily guide to become resourceful, creative, and productive citizen.

Luisa E. Elipan

Education Program Specialist II for Alternative Learning System, Philippine Department of Education

"I cannot give what I don’t have." This is the saying that comes first in my mind. But if these is the way for my ALS learners to learn despite pandemic I must have to go through . Attending MT4T ALS is the key.

Ombai A. Piodena

District Alternative Learning System Coordinator (DALSC), Philippine Department of Education

Teaching in the 21st century has become far more challenging. The MT4T is designed precisely to update teachers on mobile technology and its many possible uses in the classrooms.

Mr. Mario Deriquito

Former Undersecretary for Partnerships and External Linkages, Philippine Department of Education

One of the underlying objectives of [MT4T] is to help facilitate building a Southeast Asian learning community of teachers and educators.

Mr. Philip J. Purnell

Manager, Educational Research and Innovation Office, SEAMEO INNOTECH

It's so easy to [use MT4T] to develop learning tools for Thai teachers.

Mr. Akechai Waisopee

Assistant to the Dean of Faculty of Education, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University

MT4T was developed to ensure that the use of mobile technology would "foster curiosity, critical and reflective thinking rather than just passive consumption of information,"

Ms. Debbie P. Lacuesta


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