Empowering Teachers through Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T) is a teacher resource kit using mobile technology for 21st century learning in Southeast Asia.

Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T)

Mobile Technology for Teachers is a teacher resource kit that promotes the use of mobile technology in Southeast Asian educational settings. The kit provides a basic guide in using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets and their accompanying applications, as tools for teaching and learning in the classroom and for teachers’ personal and professional development.

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SEAMEO INNOTECH conducted a series of orientation on the enhanced Mobile Technologies for Teachers (MT4T) resources in Bangkok, Thailand from

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As an addition to Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T), SEAMEO INNOTECH has developed resources on cyber wellness and digital citizenship for

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What is MT4T?

Teaching in the 21st century has become far more challenging. The MT4T is designed precisely to update teachers on mobile technology and its many possible uses in the classrooms.

Mr. Mario Deriquito

Former Undersecretary for Partnerships and External Linkages, Philippine Department of Education

One of the underlying objectives of [MT4T] is to help facilitate building a Southeast Asian learning community of teachers and educators.

Mr. Philip J. Purnell

Manager, Educational Research and Innovation Office, SEAMEO INNOTECH

MT4T was developed to ensure that the use of mobile technology would "foster curiosity, critical and reflective thinking rather than just passive consumption of information,"

Ms. Debbie P. Lacuesta



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    • “Right Click” Podcast Series
      "Right Click" podcast series highlights cyber wellness and online safety to help ALS learning facilitators develop their own cyber safety practices and guide learners in the safe, responsible, and productive use of digital technology. It's in line with Learning Strand No. 6 on Digital Citizenship of the new ALS K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum. The podcast series is produced by the DepEd Alternative Learning System Taskforce with support from UNICEF Philippines and SEAMEO INNOTECH.
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    • December 7, 2020

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