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    Today, many people around the world interact using various technologies. and it is becoming an increasingly common and essential means of building and maintaining connection and of course providing opportunities to learn, to grow and to inspire. In the context of ALS, benefits of teaching digital technology can be more interactive, engaging and creative., and eventually it can help improve teaching. especially so that we are suffering from the global pandemic (COVID-19), it is then important to learn and understand the benefits of using digital technology. Since our ALS learners are already interested and engaged in using digital technology,  the ALS teacher is expected to create many potential opportunities for our ALS learners to benefit from integrating some forms of digital technology in preparing the lesson to make teaching and learning more effective., such as ALS implementers can use different online apps to enhance the traditional ways of teaching and to keep ALS learners more engaged. Therefore, it is paramount for an ALS teacher to learn and understand the benefits of digital technology so that our ALS learners are encouraged to be more active in the learning process

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    I am thankful for the people who invented these digital technologies, I am a University student myself & I didn’t know how would I carry on my studies during the Covid-19 pandemic but then came the online classes through zoom and other online platforms. At first, I was having issues with it, as I didn’t have a laptop, and taking classes through a mobile phone was quite a headache to me. But thanks to the [link omitted by forum administrator] which listed a brand new laptop on sale and I got it with a huge discount of 40%.

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