Edmodo for Teachers (Apple Mobile Devices | 2nd Edition)

Edmodo is an educational technology platform specifically designed for teachers to facilitate online teaching and learning. The platform enables teachers to connect with students, share materials, administer quizzes, grade assignments, and collaborate with other teachers from around the world. This e-book is an instructional guide for teachers like you in using Edmodo on Apple mobile devices running iOS for iPhones and iPadOS for iPads. The features and interface for both iOS and iPadOS are basically the same. You should be able to navigate the features of the app with ease using either OS following the instructions in this resource. The e-book offers step-by-step instructions in accessing the different features of the application; right from setting up an account, posting your first homework assignment to more advanced features like creating a quiz for your students. Every instruction is accompanied by an illustration to help you navigate the application more easily and with familiarity.


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