About Innotech

Our Story

The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization – Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (SEAMEO INNOTECH) was established in January 1970 to identify and help solve common and unique education problems in the Region, as well as assist SEAMEO Member Countries in identifying solutions to their individual educational problems and needs.


Its headquarters was first set up at the SEAMEO Secretariat headquarters in Thailand. It was then moved to Singapore and later on to Vietnam until it was moved back to Thailand in 1975. On July 1, 1976, a memorandum of agreement was signed between the Government of the Philippines (GOP) and SEAMEO for the temporary hosting of SEAMEO INNOTECH in the Philippines. On July 1, 1981, the GOP accepted the formal request of the SEAMEO Council for the Philippines to permanently host SEAMEO INNOTECH. The Center is now located within the campus of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.


For over 50 years, INNOTECH continuously provided innovative and technology-oriented learning services, research-based solutions, information sharing and knowledge management, enabling the Southeast Asian education community to effectively respond to current and emerging needs.

Who we are

INNOTECH is principally dedicated to identifying education problems and needs of Southeast Asian countries and developing innovative and technology-based solutions to address these problems.

What We Do

The Center aids in educational development within and outside the region through capacity building and learning services, research and innovation, knowledge management and information sharing, and other special programs addressing specific areas of concern in the Southeast Asian educational scenarios.

Educational Research and Innovation


The Center is committed to undertaking relevant, responsive, and innovative research that can help improve access to quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all learners.

Capacity Building and Learning Services


The Center is dedicated to developing needs-based and innovative capacity building and learning programs that will produce competent and committed Southeast Asian school heads and teachers.

Knowledge Management and Information Sharing


The Center is committed to facilitating access and exchange of knowledge, information, and innovative practices among stakeholders that can contribute to creating a better future for every learner.

All SEAMEO INNOTECH programs and services are guided by three cross-cutting themes that are aligned with the mandate of the Center: 1) Context of Learning in the Southeast Asian Region, 2) Technology and Innovation, and 3) Inclusive Quality Education.

Our Focus Areas

To help prioritize the programs of the Center in the next five years, the following areas of focus have been identified. These are based on the emerging needs and recent developments in the regional and global educational landscape.

Strengthening teacher and school head preparation for the future of learning

Given the increasing decentralization of educational management in the region, school heads and teaching leaders will continue to be regarded as critical change agents for effecting educational quality improvements, implementation of educational innovations and leading responsive educational reforms.

Supporting learners’ life skills and empowerment

In pursuit of its vision of “A Better Future for Every Learner in Southeast Asia” the Center will sharpen its focus on learning services, research and development activities and knowledge management activities which directly impact on learners.

Enhancing quality of learning outcomes

The greater focus on the Southeast Asian learner highlights the need to improve learning achievement and learning progress of the millions of students across the Region, both those in formal education and non-school based learning programs.

Managing the learning space of the future

The changing context of learning in Southeast Asia requires reconceptualizing traditional notions of the learning environment including learning tools and resources. With the integration of digital technologies into educational systems, there are expanding options for learning to take place anywhere, anytime, any pace and anyhow.

Our Values

To support SEAMEO INNOTECH’s vision and shape the organization’s culture, our staff are guided with the following core values.

Commitment to Excellence
Social Responsibility
Creativity and Innovation
Integrity and Professionalism
Teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation

Our Support

The GOP is committed to provide the capital and operating funds of SEAMEO INNOTECH. Special funds called the SEAMEO Educational Development Fund (SEDF) are utilized to support scholarships for the center’s training programs, government board meetings, seminars and conferences and other related activities. Such funds are generated and provided by the SEAMEO Secretariat from contributions of member and associate member countries and various donors.


Donors and program partners provide other funds for research and development, for special training courses and for other extension activities. Unallocated funds refer to special training courses received from donors, interest earnings, and earnings from approved income-generating activities. SEAMEO INNOTECH ensures its financial viability through fiscal restraint, judicious use of resources, wise spending, and appropriate income generating ventures.

Our Advisers

The Governing Board of SEAMEO INNOTECH consists of representatives of the eleven member states of the Organization. The governing board sets the policies and directions of the regional center. The members are senior officials in their respective ministries/departments of education or are distinguished educators of national and international prominence who are appointed by the SEAMEO Council president upon nomination by their respective ministers/secretaries of education. The SEAMEO INNOTECH Director and the SEAMEO Secretariat Director serve as ex-officio members of the governing board.

Our Structure

SEAMEO INNOTECH is headed by a Filipino Director appointed by the Council upon the recommendation of the Philippine Secretary of Education to the Governing Board. The current Center Director is Dr. Leonor Magtolis Briones.


Highly qualified professionals, technical, and administrative personnel make up our core staff. The professional staff are specialists recruited from member countries supplemented by experts from associate member countries, donor governments, international organizations, and agencies under technical assistance or partnering agreements. The technical and administrative staff are recruited from the host country.

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