At SEAMEO INNOTECH, we believe in the importance of strong and effective school leaders. That’s why we offer a variety of school leadership and management courses tailored-fit to the needs of each school.

Be the educator your students deserve!


As school leaders, it is important for us to constantly strive to improve and grow in our roles.


  1. Our goal is to improve communication and collaboration among administrators, teachers, staff, and parents through leadership and management in education courses.
  2. We strive to establish a clear vision and plan for the future of our school.
  3. We aim to foster a positive learning environment for all members of the school community.

School Management Courses 


These courses offer strategies for school management, communication techniques, and conflict resolution skills.




TEACHeXCELS is a customizable short education leadership and management course designed specifically for education leaders. This two-module program addresses the vital need for competent management of teaching and learning processes in schools. And upon successful completion, you’ll receive not only an International Certificate of Competence and 15 CPD units, but also equivalent academic units granted by our esteemed partner universities and colleges.


Southeast Asian School Leadership Program (SEA SLP) 


The Southeast Asian School Leadership Program recognizes the unique and difficult position that school heads find themselves in during the pandemic. Held as a virtual conference, this leadership training program for school principals offers a space for shared learning and support among school leaders in the Southeast Asian region. Drawing on research on essential competencies for high-performing school leaders, participants will have the opportunity to make sense of their experiences and emerging realities and integrate lessons from the global crisis into their regular school processes and practices.


A Learning Guide to Success Competencies for Southeast Asian School Heads


The similarities of challenges and opportunities across schools in Southeast Asia have brought about a competency framework to guide school heads in providing capacity-building programs for their institutions. This framework aims to equip principals with initiatives for effective leadership and management which leads to quality education despite limited resources.


With our courses, we apply the competency framework as the foundation of our curriculum structure. Facilitated by the learning guide, this ensures the professional growth and development of school heads proportionate with regional educational standards.

Invest in School Leadership and Management Courses


At SEAMEO INNOTECH, we offer world-class school leadership training programs that can benefit school principals and educators in a number of ways.

Develop critical leadership skills

Our leadership training programs are designed to help educators hone the skills they need to be successful leaders.

Increase your effectiveness as a leader

In addition to developing important leadership skills, our programs can also help you increase your overall effectiveness as a leader. Our programs are based on research-based best practices and are designed to help you overcome common challenges that school leaders face.

Support your school’s success

Our leadership and management courses for education can help you identify areas where your school is thriving and areas where there is room for improvement so that you can make targeted changes that have a positive impact on student learning and achievement.

Stay up-to-date on new trends and research

Through our programs, you’ll have access to cutting-edge resources and information so that you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your students are receiving the best possible education.

Already finished a learning program?


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Join our growing learning community!

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As a regional center for educational innovation and technology, SEAMEO INNOTECH offers a wide range of school leadership training programs specifically tailored for educators, including research studies, workshops, conferences, and teacher training courses. These programs are not only designed to enhance educators’ technical knowledge and skills but also nurture their values and attitudes toward teaching.


Choose SEAMEO INNOTECH as your partner in educational development – together, let’s make a positive impact on the future generation!

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