Southeast Asian School Leadership Program (SEA SLP)

Category: Blended Learning
Tags: School Head, Principal, School Leadership

As this pandemic unfolds, we see that higher level goals, plans and policies are not clear and ever changing. The spotlight is on school heads to rise above the challenge and navigate through the uncertainties as they lead and manage the schools. The Southeast Asian School Leadership Program is a platform for school heads to make sense of their experiences and emerging realities, and weave in the lessons from this pandemic into the regular school processes and practices. It is anchored on SEAMEO INNOTECH’s research study that reveals the most essential competencies of high performing school heads in the region. These competencies are reframed and tackled against the background of the global crisis.

Now more than ever, we need school heads to come together and learn with and from each other. The shared experience will connect them and give them new insights, perspectives, and confidence to build better school systems.

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Program Details

Modality:  Blended

Duration:  6 weeks

Fee:  SCHOLARSHIP (by nomination of the country’s Ministry of Education)

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