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INNOTECHtok Challenge

“Reel Connections: Memories in MotionAlumni Edition


In celebrating 54 years of educational innovation and technology, SEAMEO INNOTECH recognizes the invaluable contributions of our partners and alumni. The #INNOTECHtok Challenge is a delightful trip down memory lane, inviting our esteemed educators and leaders to share their INNOTECH experiences through engaging TikTok videos.  

As a regional center committed to shaping the future of education, this challenge aims to foster a sense of community among our alumni and highlight the transformative impact of INNOTECH on personal and professional growth. 


#INNOTECHtok Challenge specifically aims to: 

    1. Facilitate Authentic Storytelling 
      The #INNOTECHtok Challenge aims to leverage TikTok as a platform for educators and school leaders across Southeast Asia. Through this event, INNOTECH aims to create a space where INNOTECH alumni can authentically share their stories, inspiring their peers to embark on continuous skill development journeys. 
    2. Encourage Creative Content  
      In addition to storytelling, the challenge encourages the generation of content by educators. By participating, they not only showcase their creativity but also contribute to a dynamic repository of ideas and inspirations for the broader educational community. 
    3. Strengthen Alumni Engagement 
      The challenge also seeks to actively involve our alumni to fortify partnerships and maintain a robust, connected INNOTECH community. 

Mechanics and Guidelines 

    1. Participants
      #INNOTECHtok challenge is open to all INNOTECH course alumni and webinar, program, and training participants.
    2. Language Preference
      English language is recommended and preferred, but not a must. Participants can send their entries in their chosen language but must provide English subtitles. 
    3. Guidelines for submission 
      1. #INNOTECHtok challenge theme: “Reel Connections: Memories in Motion – Alumni Edition”
      2. Follow the official INNOTECH TikTok account, @seameoinnotech
        1. Create a one-minute testimonial TikTok video capturing the impact of your engagement with INNOTECH or the transformation that stemmed from your experience with the center.
        2. Infuse a nostalgic or retro aesthetic into your storytelling.
          1. The challenge theme revolves around retrospection, using the hashtags #ReelConnections and #INNOTECHtokchallenge. We are asking participants to create a one-minute testimonial TikTok video capturing the profound impact or transformation stemming from your memorable engagement in any of the INNOTECH courses or webinars.
          2. Infuse a nostalgic or retro aesthetic into your storytelling, allowing your narrative to resonate with the cherished moments of your educational journey. Whether you choose to craft a mini vlog, a digital diary, or ride the wave of popular TikTok trends, the key is to weave a narrative that vividly illustrates the remarkable transformation you’ve experienced.
        3. should be void of political opinions, illicit material, promotional content, religious material, or anything that may compromise harmony in the region.
        4. Duration: Maximum of 1 minute.
        5. Aspect ratio: 9:16 (portrait, full screen)
        6. Recommended upload size: 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels or ensured clarity
        7. Only videos published in the year 2024 will be accepted.
      3. Submit your TikTok video with all the required details to the organizer by scanning the QR code below or clicking this link: https://bit.ly/INNOTECHtok-submission
      4. Participants may submit as many videos as they wish.
      5. Deadline of submissions is on 15 March 2024, 11:59 PM Philippine Standard Time (UTC/GMT +8 hours)
      6. 15 videos will be selected from the pool of entries and will be uploaded on INNOTECH’s official TikTok account. Email confirmation will also be sent to the content creators of the selected videos. They are encouraged to like, share, and promote their videos through their respective social media accounts using the official competition hashtags: #INNOTECHtokchallenge and #ReelConnections.
      7. From 18 March 2024 to 4 April 2024, the finalists will compete for the highest social media engagement (reach).
      8. The top 3 videos with the greatest number of social media reach (views, likes, and overall engagement) will receive the grand prizes. The rest will be given consolation prizes.
      9. The announcement of winners will be made on 5 April 2024.
    4. Copyright
      1. The content creator bears the responsibility of securing the intellectual property rights for the materials incorporated in their video.
      2. The content creator must appropriately acknowledge and reference any external materials used in the content.
      3. The project team will not assume responsibility or legal liability for any consequences arising from the content creator’s failure to address copyright matters diligently.
      4. Incorporating minors into the video content necessitates obtaining explicit permission from their parent(s) or legal guardians.
    5. Disclaimer
      1. Participants are required to consent to the terms and conditions outlined in the competition’s submission form and provide all necessary information.
      2. Consideration will be given solely to entries from content creators who follow INNOTECH’s TikTok account.

Judging Criteria

Please note that the decisions made by the judges are conclusive, and the organizer reserves the right to nullify any final decision in case of any violation of the competition’s rules and regulations by the participants. Once the final decision has been reached, the organizer will not engage in any further correspondence. 


Monetary prizes (subject to applicable taxes and fees) and e-certificates will be awarded to three (3) selected winners, one month following the announcement. The remaining twelve (12) shall receive an e-certificate of recognition and INNOTECH merch. 

How to submit

To submit an entry, scan the QR code below to be directed through the submission portal: 







You may also access the submission portal through this link: https://bit.ly/INNOTECHtok-submission

Important Dates

Please take note of the following important dates for the challenge:

For more information, please send a message directly to our Facebook or Instagram accounts.  

Alternatively, kindly send us an e-mail at info@seameo-innotech.org.

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