SENIOR ASSOCIATE (Office of the Director)


Provide technical and administrative support on research projects and activities of the Office Director in relation to the Center’s mandate and mission and vision.



  • Compliance with research agenda, approved design and specifications, implementation plan, budget, and delivered of identified research projects are compliant with within the agreed timeline.
  • Timely and efficient provision of logistic and technical support to the implementation of research projects/activities in accordance with approved timelines and quality standards of the Center.
  • Accurate and up-to-date project records and databases for all assigned research projects and activities including proper documentation of all projects in compliance with the quality management system of the Center.



  • Provide technical assistance to the Center Director in the planning, design and conduct research.
  • Prepare concept papers/proposals with technical guidance from the Center Director.
  • Prepare, monitor and update project management documents such as project budgets/budget notes, project implementation plans, risk and opportunities assessments, quarterly monitoring reports, research dissemination plans and other project M&E tools.
  • Coordinate and provide technical support in planning, organizing, monitoring workshops, meetings, field work and other activities related to implementation of research projects of the Office.
  • Provide technical support in developing data gathering instruments and in conducting the data gathering activities including preparation of field notes, case studies, anecdotal records, and workshop proceedings.
  • Responsible for proper data storage (e.g., raw data shared in one drive folder/hard disks) and warehousing (e.g., processed data in one drive folder).
  • Facilitate quantitative and qualitative analysis and prepare initial interpretation of data (e.g., narrative, tabular, graphical) for integration in report writing.
  • Prepare/Draft technical/research reports, research briefs, and policy notes.
  • Monitor and evaluate research activities in accordance with quality standards of the Center such as monitoring of PIP, risk assessment treatment plan, budget and activities related to research project.
  • Provide technical support in the planning, designing, and implementation of research dissemination activities to include preparation of dissemination material and documentation of research activities.
  • Perform other related tasks that may be assigned.



  • Educational Attainment

Completion of an appropriate baccalaureate degree from a duly recognized institution of higher learning, preferably with 18 units leading to a master’s degree.

  • Work Experience
    • Up to 3 years of relevant experience/training (with 18 units toward master’s degree).
    • Up to 5 years of relevant experience/training (without 18 units toward master’s degree).


SEAMEO INNOTECH is an equal opportunity employer

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In the event that I am accepted to the position at SEAMEO INNOTECH, I also understand that as provided by the Data Privacy Act, I may object to the processing of my personal data, request to access my personal information, and/ or have it corrected, erased or blocked on reasonable grounds. As may be provided by law, personal information may need to be retained indefinitely to satisfy legal obligations or for historical and statistical purposes. Otherwise, if my application is unsuccessful, SEAMEO INNOTECH shall keep my personal information on active file in case there will be future employment opportunities for which I may be suited. I further give consent SEAMEO INNOTECH to keep my personal information for this purpose and may withdraw this consent at any time.

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  1. SEAMEO INNOTECH Management and authorized staff, and
  2. Third party service providers performing review functions on behalf of the organization.


I hereby declare that the information provided is true and correct, with full understanding that any willful dishonesty may render refusal of my application or immediate termination of my employment.

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