Learning System for Education for All (NODROPS LS-EFA)

NODROPS LS-EFA is a learning system that is integrated, flexible and responsive to the needs of children of school-going age because it provides them access to quality basic education regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. Through NODROPS LS-EFA, every child that enrolls in the elementary education stays with the education system until he becomes functionally literate and develops his thinking skills and ability to learn how to learn.


With NODROPS LS-EFA, the internal efficiency of primary (elementary) education is improved as it utilizes a multi-pronged and holistic approach to the problem of educational wastage stemming primarily from the dropout problem.


SEAMEO INNOTECH with funding support from the International Development Research Center (IDRC), Canada, UNESCO, and SEAMEO INNOTECH’s Endowment Fund developed NODROPS LS-EFA. The learning system went through the process of research and development within a four-year project period. It has been tried-out and main-field tested in six pilot schools.

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