TAO Computer-Assisted Reforms for Schools (CARES)

As part of the project, a nationwide survey was conducted to provide data on school profiles, teacher and head teacher profiles and profiles of the information and communication technology capability of all elementary and secondary schools in the country. The survey results are now being used as the basis for policy formulations and budgetary allocations intended to modernize Philippine basic education.

Apart from this, Project TAO CARES was also meant to address the lack of operations support tools for principals and teachers. The data gathered from the survey were used in building an information database. This information database contained data necessary for administering schools and for supervising students. Based on this, a software was developed, which provides recording, reporting, management and decision support on all manners of information regarding the schools. For teachers, the software provides support for handling and managing student information, including grading, attendance, health and nutrition, and others. For school heads, the software provides support for managing information that includes those related to enrollment, furniture, facilities and equipment, instructional materials, among others.

The Project also provided the necessary hardware platform needed, such as computers and their peripherals. A communication and networking component was also included to enable exchange of data at different levels of organization.

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