WITTY – Who are TeachIng our Teachers todaY and tomorrow?

Project WITTY is a survey research with an overall goal of determining the status of pre-service education that our teachers of today and the future receive prior to their classroom experience. The Project, funded by the 12th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines through the Office of the Honorable Senator Teresa Aquino-Oreta, was commissioned to SEAMEO INNOTECH, in collaboration with the Philippine Association for Teacher Education (PAFTE). The survey was undertaken by PAFTE from July 15, 2003 to August 15, 2003. Results were collated, analyzed and the final report was completed on July 15, 2004.


The results of the survey produced a profile of teacher educators and teacher education institutions in the country in book form. The book includes the status of employment of teacher educators, their conditions of work at school, the welfare and benefits they receive, and the ICT-preparedness of the schools they work in.

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