5 INNOTECH online courses accredited for CPD units

Five (5) of SEAMEO INNOTECH’s online courses have recently been accredited by the country’s Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units. Participants of Teach On, GURO 21 Course 1, Guro21 Course 2, TEACHeXCELS, and SUPEReXCELS will now get 15 CPD credits upon their completion. 

In accordance with R.A. 10912, known as the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016, Teachers and other professionals in the country are required to earn a certain number of CPD units before they can renew their PRC licenses. This is to ensure that professionals continuously develop their capacities, upgrade their skills, and stay updated on the latest trends in their respective fields. The required number of CPD units varies from profession to profession; for Teachers, they need to earn 45 CPD units in the span of 3 years. 

SEAMEO INNOTECH has been an accredited CPD provider since 2017. This means that completers of any INNOTECH programs may earn CPD units when they apply it as their self-directed learning; its equivalent CPD units depends on PRC’s evaluation of the course. With these 5 online courses being accredited by PRC, the number of CPD units granted for the completers are definite. 

Check out these SEAMEO INNOTECH online courses: 

  • Teach On: Keeping the Passion Alive
    A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that aims to inspire, rekindle and sustain Teachers’ passion for teaching 
  • GURO21 Course 1
    The course builds the competencies of Teachers in facilitating the development of 21st Century Skills among students 
  • GURO21 Course 2
    The course builds the competencies of Teachers in developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills among students 
    The course addresses the need to develop and strengthen School Heads’ capacity to manage the teaching and learning processes in the school 
    The course develops and strengthens the School Head’s capacity for developmental, differentiated, and clinical supervision 

Interested Teachers and School Heads may contact SEAMEO INNOTECH via email to info@seameo-innotech.org and/or coursemanager@seameo-innotech.org for more details. Alternatively, those interested may sign up through this online form: https://goo.gl/6zo2xW; we will notify you as soon as possible once a schedule has been finalized.


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