Alliance-building for Youth Development in Areas of Conflict

SEAMEO INNOTECH, USAID, and EDC teamed up for a one-day learning seminar last 23 February 2017 on Alliance-building for Youth Development in Areas of Conflict. As part of the Mindanao Youth for Development (MYDev) Program, the event offered a unique platform for members of its Out of School Youth Development Alliances (OSYDAs) to share and discuss good practices including innovative initiatives to support positive youth development.

“I am happy that I was able to represent the OSYs…I became the voice of the youth in our community and I was able to empower other OSYs.” Princess Jamellah Baulo, Youth Leader of Parang, Maguindanao, said in a panel sharing session.

The one-day program consisted of two panel sharing sessions where members of the OSYDA shared their experiences in support of the OSYs’ development. Participants also had the chance to share their insights and learning with each other through group discussions.

The first panel sharing, led by Dr. Miriam Pahm, Deputy Chief of Party of the MYDev Program, tackled the alliance members’ experiences as drivers of OSY development. Panel consisted of Mayor Ibrahim Ibay, Mayor of Parang, Maguindanao; Dr. Pedro Melchor Natividad, Assistant Regional Director of the Department of Education Region IX; Ms. Nida Dans, CEO of Mothers for Peace Social Enterprises, Inc.; Ms. Princess Jamellah Baulo, Youth Leader of Parang, Maguindanao; and Mr. Alvasam Ahadain, Youth Leader of Jolo, Sulu. The panelists highlighted the importance of each sector’s representation in the alliance. They also emphasized that political will and enabling policies are essential to get things going and sustained.

The second panel sharing discussed the private sector’s engagement to support the OSY development. The panel composed of Ms. Bai Sandra Siang, President of the Cotabato City Muslim Chamber of Commerce; Mr. Christian Olasiman, City Government Representative of Zamboanga City; Mr. Alsharif Saiden, Store Manager of Centro Department Store in Cotabato City; Mr. Jonald Macrohon, owner of Chowtime Cuisine in Zamboanga City; Ms. Annie Rose Remoto, Youth Leader of Zamboanga City; and Mr. Alvin Quinn Lu, Youth Leader of Cotabato City. The discussion was led by Dr. Maria Theresa Mokamad and Mr. Robinson Wee, Youth Development Specialists of the MYDev Program. They highlighted the private sector’s support in making this program sustainable. With the active engagement of the private sector, the OSYs had better chances of getting employed.

Also, through the one-day event, Ms. Nancy Wallace, Chief of Party of the MYDev Program, presented the accomplishments of the program throughout its four-year implementation. According to Ms. Wallace, 93% of the target has already been achieved; more than half of the OSYs in MYDev sites have better perception of the government as well as improved life skills, work readiness, and leadership. More details on the MYDev accomplishment on their website.

The Mindanao Youth for Development (MYDev) is a five-year USAID program in the Philippines that addresses key constraints to peace and stability in selected conflict-affected areas in Mindanao. The Out-of-School Youth Development Alliances (OSYDA) is the key local group that helps shape MYDev programming.

Below is a summary of the two topics discussed in the panel sharings.


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