Alternative Education in Emergencies modules now available on the INNOTECH website

Natural calamities, conflicts, health crisis—we’ve seen how these emergencies disrupted the education in the affected areas. Sometimes, these emergencies last briefly that schools can operate back to normal after a few days. But there are also times when schools must be closed for weeks to prioritize other emergency responses. The recent global health crisis—the COVID-19 pandemic—is perhaps one of the biggest disruptions in education, closing thousands of schools worldwide for months.

To help provide learning continuity in different emergency situations, SEAMEO INNOTECH recently developed the Alternative Education in Emergencies Resource Kit. This is a resource kit for teachers and administrators on how alternative and flexible learning options can improve access to quality education in times of crisis situations. It aims to help teachers and administrators discover, introduce, and implement alternative strategies of learning delivery as they gradually transition from an emergency context to normalcy.

The resource kit composes of nine main modules which discuss the important concepts of education in emergencies, disaster risk reduction and management, alternative education, and how these concepts are related to each other, and how schools can plan, start, and sustain their education in emergencies programs. Two supplementary modules were added to provide a reference specific on the education sector’s COVID-19 response, and to provide other relevant information on education in emergencies and the organizations working in this field.

Access and download the different Alternative Education in Emergencies modules on our website:

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