Ang Pamilya at Komunidad bilang Learning Partners sa Panahon ng COVID-19

The global pandemic has greatly affected the learning of children. The sudden change in the education setting, from being face-to-face to online, blended, and self-learning, is not only difficult but also affects the social-emotional, physical and mental health of learners. The support of the school, family and community to the learners is essential during these times.

Under the tripartite partnership of SEAMEO INNOTECH, UNICEF, and the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd), the three institutions worked hand in hand to develop the advocacy material entitled “Ang Pamilya at Komunidad bilang Learning Partners sa Panahon ng COVID-19,” in support of DepEd’s Basic Education-Learning Continuity Plan. This material aims to engage parents, family, and community members as learning partners under the ‘new normal’ set-up of schooling.

The advocacy material, which is a set of six-page infographics, helps parents, caretakers, and community members to understand and recognize their role as a learning partner. It contains practical tips on how they can help maintain the quality of education of their children, while ensuring a safe, happy, and inclusive learning environment for them. Aside from meeting the desired learning goals, parents and caregivers can prioritize their children’s mental, emotional, behavioral, and physical health.

As many schools now implement online learning, the material also provides tips on how families can protect their children’s safety and security online, regulate their use of digital devices, and how they can be responsible, ethical and empathetic digital citizens.

It is important for learners to have the proper guidance and support in this ‘new normal.’ Likewise, learning partners need guidance and support (e.g., equipped with knowledge resources) to effectively perform their roles in ensuring that their children continue learning even amidst the pandemic.

To learn more about this, you may access and download the advocacy material, “Ang Pamilya at Komunidad bilang Learning Partners sa Panahon ng COVID-19,” here.

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