CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: Southeast Asian Educational Innovation Awards

Following the launch on 29 June 2021, submission of nominations for the SEAMEO INNOTECH Southeast Asian Educational Innovation Awards (SEA EIA) is now open! Teachers and school heads are encouraged to join and submit their innovative programs and projects.

For SEAMEO INNOTECH, innovation in education remains the lifeblood of the Center’s programs and services. We further realized the importance of innovation as we adapt to today’s challenging environment. The Southeast Asian Educational Innovation Award (SEA EIA) honors the work of the various innovators in the field and recognizes their positive impact among learners and the communities they serve. Through the award, we hope to highlight exemplary achievements and set a platform for sharing knowledge of such innovations, to encourage productive exchanges among education players in the region. This also seeks to build sustained interest in innovations for improving education outcomes and service delivery.

The theme for this cycle of the award is “Educational Innovations in the Time of COVID: Exploring Possibilities and Improving Learning for All.” This recognizes that the pandemic is perhaps the single greatest disruption in Southeast Asian education over the past half-century. The award celebrates innovations that enabled education services amidst the constraints posed by the pandemic, consistent with the INNOTECH vision of shaping a better future for all Southeast Asian learners. The award recognizes the contributions of effective innovations designed and adopted by teachers and community-based education workers as well as the innovative practices of a school head for a school to sustain and improve learning services and how they gained positive results from the innovation.

Nominations may be made through physical submissions, email submissions, and through online form submissions (https://bit.ly/SEA-EIA-nomination).

For more information about the SEA EIA, please visit https://www.seameo-innotech.org/sea-eia/. Watch the video explanation of USec. Jesus L.R. Mateo, INNOTECH Governing Board Member to the Philippines, below.

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