SEAMEO INNOTECH conducted late in April 2011 two sets of online orientation for the e-learning course Change Management Excellence in School Leadership for Southeast Asia, or CHANGeXCELS.

The first round of orientation, conducted on April 26, involved four Ministry of Education (MOE) coordinators and twelve learners from SEAMEO member countries. A second orientation was held on April 28 for the benefit of three MOE coordinators and seven more learners who were unable to participate in the first orientation.

The online orientation combined the use of Skype and SEAMEO INNOTECH’s flexible learning management platform, iFLEX. It aimed to ensure that the learners have a full grasp and understanding of the course design, the teaching-learning modality, and the details regarding the submission of requirements. It also aimed to strengthen their commitment and motivation to be able to successfully complete the course. The session gave time to the learners and MOE coordinators to ask questions and clarify matters regarding the course.

CHANGeXCELS is a four-week course on leading and managing change. It is designed to equip elementary and secondary school heads with competencies to become change leaders and managers, as well as transformers of the future, within and beyond their school and community. The course is based on the Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Heads, which SEAMEO INNOTECH developed and validated with the Ministries of Education of SEAMEO member countries.

The pioneer batch of learners will take the course from April 28 to May 27, 2011.

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