Chat with an INNOTECH pioneer

Dr. Ong Teong Wan, a managing consultant from Singapore, visited SEAMEO INNOTECH on 06 December 2013 for a light conversation with Center officials and staff. Dr. Ong is considered as one of the Center’s pioneers, having worked at SEAMEO INNOTECH back in the ’70s when it was still holding office in Singapore.

During the visit, Dr. Ong had the chance to see and learn about the Center’s progress throughout the years—the “fruits of the seeds he (helped) plant” 42 years ago, through a brief orientation on the Center’s current projects and programs.

Dr. Ong, for his part, shared his experiences with SEAMEO INNOTECH while working on various projects, including the training courses being offered then. He also gave some tips and ideas on training and program development.

Among those present to welcome Dr. Ong were Mr. Benito E. Benoza, manager, Knowledge Management and Networking Office; Dr. Philip J. Purnell, manager, Educational Research and Innovation Officer, ERIO; and Dr. Sharon Joy Berlin Chao, manager, Learning Management Office.


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