SEAMEO INNOTECH recently concluded a blended learning program for Southeast Asian school heads aimed at enhancing competencies in leading curricular and instructional reforms in schools.

The five-module program on “Excellence in Leading Curricular and Instructional Reforms for Continuing School Improvement” was conducted from November 2012 to February 2013 via a blended approach of pre- and post-course online discussions with face-to-face learning sessions.

Module 1 of the program covered opportunities and challenges of education reform initiatives existing in the region. Discussions in this module began during the pre-course online interaction that took place from 12 to 23 November 2012. Here, participants had the chance to share country experiences that helped broaden their perspectives on current and emerging developments in education and school leadership practices.

Modules 2 to 5, on the other hand, were covered in the ten-day face-to-face training sessions that started on 3 December 2012.

Module 2 specifically enabled the participants to gain an understanding of their strategic roles as curricular and instructional leaders in their respective schools. It started with the participants rediscovering their leadership and social capitals through sharing of stories regarding their accomplishments and lessons learned. It ended with the participants bonding and building the foundation for a community of practice, and owning up to education challenges with their personal responses to such challenges.

Module 3 was a venue for the participants to look into their current curricular and instructional supervision styles and practices. The module was important in the sense that it focused on the core function of school heads as curricular and instructional leaders with the primary aim of ensuring student learning and success.

Module 4 was all about strategizing to lead curricular and instructional improvements in school. Here, the participants had the chance to visit schools and to interact with their counterparts in the Philippines. The visits allowed them to gain insights into the different aspects of curricular and instructional techniques and strategies in action. A special feature tacked on to the module was the opportunity to take part in the SEAMEO INNOTECH 13th International Conference, where they gained global and regional perspectives on education for sustainable development—a valuable input for enriching their respective school curricula.

In Module 5, the participants were guided in drafting an action plan to enhance their respective school improvement plans, particularly as regards their curricular and instructional practices. The action plans were intended to be finalized after consulting with stakeholders in the community and within the school.

The entire program concluded on the first week of February 2013 with the participants sharing all learnings from the implementation of their respective action plans to improve school performance.

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