december, 2020

decSEAMEO INNOTECH Research Partnership Grant (SI RPG)Month Long Event (december) GMT+8 Event Organized By: SEAMEO INNOTECH


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Call for proposals is now open!
The SEAMEO INNOTECH Research Partnership Grant (SI RPG) is a mechanism to support collaborative research projects between SEAMEO INNOTECH and other suitably qualified research organizations/institutions. It seeks to enhance the richness, diversity, and depth of the Center’s research portfolio, and expand and strengthen opportunities for institutional partnership by funding research projects based on the SI’s identified thematic/priority research areas.
For this period, the research priorities are on:

– Transversal skills and competencies in education; and

– Outcome Based Education (OBE)


For more details, you may contact:

Dr. Sherlyne A. Acosta: she@seameo-innotech.org

Mr. Keven Galanida: keven@seameo-innotech.org


Month Long Event (december) GMT+8


SEAMEO INNOTECHinfo@seameo-innotech.org

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