SEAMEO INNOTECH offers Southeast Asian school heads and managers the opportunity to facilitate interventions proficiently for common challenges in their schools through the conduct of an action research. The latest blended learning course on “Excellence in Developing and Managing Action Research for School Improvement” focuses on the importance of action research as a strategy to improve school organizations. It aims to improve and strengthen the skills of school leaders, including district and division officials, in developing and managing simple classroom and school-based action researches. The course is aligned with the competencies identified in the Competency Framework for Southeast Asian School Heads, developed and validated by education experts from SEAMEO member countries. The whole program is divided into three phases. The first phase takes place online for the pre-course discussion intended to assess the competencies of the participants in developing and managing action research. This phase will be used also to gather information regarding the education system in each of the participant’s country, as well as school policies and practices related to action research. The entire period will take place from February 24 to March 5. The second phase, which takes place from March 15 to 26, will be held at the Center for the face-to-face training. This combines a blend of technical presentations and discussions, interactive and practitioner-oriented group and individual activities, and structured visits to schools and relevant agencies. During this time, the participants are expected to come up with a proposal for a simple school-based action research that they can conduct upon return to their posts. At the same time, they are expected to draft an action plan that will outline activities on how to implement the action research, including plans to echo lessons learned from the training. The last phase of the program, covering the period April 14 to May 6, will transpire online. This phase is intended solely for mentoring the participants in the process of implementing their action plans. At the end of the phase, participants will be asked to draft their reflections on the implementation of their school-based action researches. Interested applicants may send in their applications to Ms. Ana Liza V. Serrana, Associate Training Specialist, with contact number +632-9247681, and email address analyze@localhost. The course fee is US$1,940 that is inclusive of tuition fee, room accommodation for 13 nights at twin sharing arrangement, and out-of-pocket allowance. Travel and travel-related expenses are not included. The deadline for submitting applications is on January 25.

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