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    Welcome to the SEAMEO INNOTECH Community Forum! We created this platform to give education leaders, researchers, schools heads, teachers, and learners around Southeast Asia an online venue to discuss relevant education issues. We believe that we learn more through exchange of experiences and sharing of knowledge. By gaining these learnings, we can do our own contributions (big or small) to help provide a better future for every learner in Southeast Asia.

    We’ve set up some simple rules to keep our platform safe and meaningful for all members. Please be mindful of these guidelines as we will take action for any misconduct in the Community Forum.

    1. Be kind and respectful. Always keep in mind that there is a real person behind every username. We come from different places and have different context; so, we may sometimes encounter disagreements in ideas and beliefs. Debate and discussions will always be there but remember to treat each other with respect and kindness. To keep this platform safe for everyone, any forms of hate speech will not be tolerated.
    2. Stay on topic. The Forum topics serve as discussion guides for the users. We come to these spaces thinking that we will discuss and learn on that specific topic. Please refrain from posting irrelevant topics and links or spamming with marketing and advertising posts. Posts that are irrelevant will be flagged or removed.
    3. Be credible. We encourage users to actively participate in the discussions. But be careful not to mislead others when answering some questions. Please mention if you are sharing an opinion or if you are not sure of your answer. Remember to also cite your sources when sharing materials.
    4. Protect your information. Your personal information is not required in the Forum section of the website. Personal Information refers to any information that may be directly identifiable to an individual. While the Forum may only be accessible by verified users, it is still not advisable to share your personal information in this space.

    To get the discussion started, we have created the following forum sections. Please feel free to join and share your thoughts on these topics.

    If you have encountered any problems while using the Forum, please send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Enjoy the Community!

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