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    Here’s a quick guide on how you can participate in the Community Forum section of our website:

    Create an account or log in

    Log in or create an account menu

    If you don’t have an account yet

    create an account form

    • Hover on the “Community” on the Menu bar and select “Sign Up.”
    • Enter your username, email, and password. Entering your profile details and social links are optional.
      Read and agree to our Privacy Policy.
    • Click “Register.”

    If you already have an account (e.g. MT4T Forum account, Alumni Portal account)

    log in form

    • Hover on the “Community” on the Menu bar and select “Log In.”
    • Enter your username/email and password.
    • Click “Log In.”

    Create a forum topic

    create a topic form

    • Select a Forum where the topic you want to discuss fits best.
    • Scroll down to the “Create a new topic” section and type your contents (topic title, body, and tags).
    • Click “Submit.”
    • After posting the topic, you and other users can already discuss about the topic.

    Create a post/reply to a topic

    reply form

    • Select a Forum to browse topics under it. Select the topic you are interested in.
    • Scroll down to the “Reply” section and type your contents (body and tags). You can also click the “Reply” option on the upper right corner of the original post.
    • Click “Submit.”

    If you can’t find a theme that fits the topic you want to discuss, share it under the General Education Discussions.

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