SEAMEO INNOTECH got the nod of the members of its Governing Board to proceed with the establishment of a funding scheme that will support the Center’s thrusts under its Eighth Five-Year Development Plan (8th FYDP). The Research and Innovation Fund will tap on the Center’s endowment fund to allocate financing to generate innovations, undertake policy research, and develop educational solutions. The fund will be distributed throughout a five-year period starting fiscal year 2011/2012. Specifically, the Research and Innovation Fund will be used for (1) the conduct of policy research in support of education reform programs in Southeast Asia; (2) upgrading and scaling up of successful in-house education solutions; (3) developing educational innovations that use information and communication technologies; and (4) undertaking research and development on areas like alternative delivery modes for basic education, capacity building for basic education personnel, and models for addressing the learning needs of marginalized population groups. In undertaking the proposed research and innovation initiatives, SEAMEO INNOTECH intends to forge partnerships with academic and research institutions, education ministries, and R&D groups of technology companies, among others. Several suggestions were also given by the members of the Governing Board that would be included in the Fund’s coverage and would be presented as a research agenda in the next GBM.

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