SEAMEO INNOTECH Artists Set to Bring Filipino Artistry to Europe

The White Room Gallery is set to bring Filipino artistry to Europe, a first international exhibition of SEAMEO INNOTECH resident artists, following the success of ‘UGMA: Ugnayan ng Sining at Teknolohiya,’ ‘Don We Now our Gay Apparel,’ and ‘ScreenScapes.’ 

 Under the expert curation of Professor Ruben DF Defeo, the groundbreaking exhibition titled, “La Mia Mente è in Europa” will be held at the Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Consulate in Milan, Italy starting May 7, 2024. 

 This exhibition aims to surpass expectations and boundaries of traditional artistic methods by exploring new mediums and native materials, such as virtual reality and jute sacks, and promises to showcase a diverse and innovative range of artworks. 

Professor Defeo described the upcoming exhibition as a celebration of art, culture, and collaboration. “The major highlight of this exhibition is the downright arcane and unperturbedly banal like a decrepit bangka on the simmering green waters of Palawan, imbued with mind blowing and cogent connection, consequence and contemporaneity,” he explained. 

The artists collective features a talented group of individuals who have been bred and educated at the prestigious College of Fine Arts of the University of the Philippines, and has been organized by SEAMEO INNOTECH, a regional center committed to enhancing the quality of education in Southeast Asia. Among the participating INNOTECH 13+1 artists are Ramon Arsenio Acevedo, Nina Ricci Alagao-Flores, Hoche Magtolis Briones, Denes Dasco, Joy Dasco, Jes Evangelista, Karen Fabie-Concepcion, Reymar Gacutan, Carmela Geisert, Jay Lozada, Nesty Angeles Ortiz Jr, Anton Quisumbing, Byron Valenzuela, Myk Velasco, and Jefferson Villacruz. Joining them are actor Reb Belleza and Chelony Mercado. 

In a message, former Education Secretary and INNOTECH Director Leonor Magtolis Briones expressed support for the Milan exhibition, which will not only offer a feast for the eye and an immersive experience to visitors but will also give pride to SEAMEO INNOTECH as they carry the name of the center to Milan. 

“They will be affirming our advocacy that technology and humanities cannot be separated. We thank our resident artists for taking the initiative to raise their own resources, to bring their own works of art to Europe, and at the same time, carry the name of SEAMEO INNOTECH, as an advocate, not only of technology, but also of the humanities,” Director Briones emphasized. 

The Milan exhibition was also made possible by the support of SMEG Philippines. Aside from congratulating the INNOTECH 13+1, the company’s President Raul Anthony Concepcion also recognized the dedication and passion of the artists. “Your dedication and passion for the arts have not only showcased the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines but have also served as a testament to the world-class talent our nation possesses,” he said in a message. 

To rally support for their exciting journey on an international stage, the group recently held two fundraising exhibitions, ‘Artbound for Europe’ at the Redwood Café and Artspace and ‘Bring Home an Artwork’ at The White Room Gallery. These events offered a glimpse into the artists’ exceptional talents and unique perspectives on art. 

 “La Mia Mente è in Europa” will be on display until May 12, 2024. For more information about the exhibition, visit the social media pages of The White Room Gallery or email at si.whiteroomgallery@gmail.com. 

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