INNOTECH presents Alternative Education in Emergencies Resource Kit at 2023 National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Planning Conference

The Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) held its 2023 National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Planning Conference from 7-9 March 2023. The event served as a platform for the department to present their enhanced mandate, charter, and programs on DRRM. Natural disasters and other emergencies often disrupt education, which may result to long-lasting impact on learning. DepEd recognizes several alternative programs or strategies to provide education to students who cannot attend formal school for several reasons, including emergency situations.

SEAMEO INNOTECH presented its DRRM resource kit on Alternative Education in Emergencies during the DRRM Planning Conference. INNOTECH’s Alternative Education in Emergencies (EiE) resource kit contains 11 modules, which provides guidance for teachers and school administrators on how alternative and flexible learning options can help sustain quality learning after a disaster, and how they can be adapted to suit a range of contexts and evolving needs as communities gradually recover to normalcy. The resource kit hopes to help educators in sustaining learning after a calamity through the implementation of alternative, innovative, and flexible education solutions. Likewise, a set of Infographics based on concepts from the EiE resource kit was presented which can be adapted by other education ministries in Southeast Asia.

(Check out the Alternative Education in Emergencies Resources here)

Through the Center’s Educational Innovation Unit, the resource kit was shared and presented by Ms. Lauren Nerisse S. Bautista to the Regional Directors, Regional Finance/Budget Officers, Regional DRRM Coordinators, Schools Division Superintendents, Division Finance/Budget Officers, Division DRRM Coordinators, and selected officials from DepEd Central office. The Center hopes that these resources will be further utilized in support of the initiatives of DepEd and other development partners under the DRRM cluster in building a safer future for all learners.

The 2023 National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Planning Conference aims to synchronize and align the initiatives of Regional and Division offices for a more efficient and effective implementation of DRRM programs. INNOTECH is pleased to have participated in this activity as a long-standing partner of DepEd and as a bona fide member of the DRRM Education Resiliency Working Group (ERWG).

Know more about the works done by INNOTECH related to alternative education in emergencies through our website’s Research page.

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