INNOTECH Conducts First Youth CoLab Webinar

SEAMEO INNOTECH conducted the first Youth CoLab webinar, “The Power Within: Nurturing Youth Decision-Making and Problem-Solving for Empowered Futures” for Southeast Asian youths on February 29, 2024 via Zoom and Facebook livestreaming. This learning session is under the Center’s Youth CoLab (Youth COmmunity deveLopment through cApacity Building and Mentorship) project, following through the momentum gained by the Youth Summit held last 2023.

The said initiative is designed to foster capacity building, knowledge sharing, mentorship, and collaborative learning across diverse fields and interests within the youth community. The Center aims to address the developmental needs of the youth by providing valuable resources, workshops, and events. The first webinar of the project invited prominent and inspiring figures that shared their stories, insights, and expertise in decision-making and problem solving. Mr. Senjaya Mulia, founder of ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO), and Mr. Jeremy De Leon, inventor of Make-roscope and founder of JereMake, cultivated meaningful discussions during the said webinar.  They imparted valuable lifelong lessons on resilience, courage, and resourcefulness, equipping young leaders to navigate the challenges and opportunities within their youth communities.

A total of 123 participants from 9 countries in and outside of Southeast Asia joined INNOTECH’s first Youth CoLab Webinar. These learners were able to connect with their peers and present their key takeaways, emphasizing the importance of team building and decision-making skills in promoting positive change among youths in Southeast Asia. The Center also believes that the participants can apply what they learned from the speakers in the webinar to their respective youth communities or organizations.

Watch the playback of the webinar through here. 

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