INNOTECH Celebrates Partners and Alumni Through the INNOTECHtok Challenge

SEAMEO INNOTECH recently concluded the INNOTECHtok Challenge as part of its 54th-anniversary celebration. 

INNOTECH acknowledged the invaluable contributions of its partners and alumni in its enduring mission to deliver innovative education solutions across the region. The Center inspired teachers and school leaders to share their INNOTECH journey through an online competition and campaign with the theme, “Reel Connections: Memories in Motion.” Entries poured in from various countries, including South America, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines, underscoring INNOTECH’s extensive regional influence. From numerous submissions, fifteen heartwarming stories were selected for sharing on the center’s recently launched TikTok page. 

The INNOTECHtok challenge culminated with the recognition of the top three impactful stories. Arjay Rigor emerged as the competition winner. He participated in INNOTECH’s Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Teach on Keeping the Passion Alive in 2019. His entry emphasized personal transformation and how the course fueled his dedication to public school teaching. 

Securing second place was Ramon Lasala, an educator who completed INNOTECH’s MOOC on Teach on Keeping the Passion Alive in 2020. He highlighted how the course reignited his teaching passion. Mary Grace Giangan clinched third place, sharing her experience with INNOTECH’s GURO 21 Course, emphasizing its enduring impact and invaluable insights. 

The stories shared in the #INNOTECHtok Challenge underscored the transformative potential of professional development initiatives like INNOTECH’s MOOCs for educators and school leaders. Educators such as Arjay Rigor, Ramon Lasala, and Mary Grace Giangan found renewed inspiration through these courses. Moreover, these platforms foster new connections and knowledge acquisition, propelling educators’ careers and contributions to the education sector. 

Watch all fifteen top entries on INNOTECH’s TikTok account today!


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