Marie Curie Science Lessons in Filipino

More than a century ago, 13-year old Isabelle Chavannes started recording verbatim accounts of science lessons given by Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie. From January to November 1907, Chavannes had neatly recorded direct quotes from Curie and had illustrated science experiments done during lessons.

Chavannes was among the ten children taught by Curie in a teaching cooperative— la coopérative d’enseignement, which sought to break through the prejudices at that time about girls studying science and pursuing university studies. (source: http://www.theguardian.com)

Since the discovery of Chavannes’ notes, Marie Curie’s practical approach to science learning had been immortalized in educational posters and translated in various languages, including two Southeast Asian languages, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia.

To add to the list of these existing Southeast Asian resources, SEAMEO INNOTECH decided to undertake the translation of Marie Curie’s science lessons and experiments into the Philippine’s national language, Filipino. These included ten lessons in elementary physics, one lesson in elementary chemistry, and eight supplemental activities—all are useful interactive instructional materials for science teaching in junior high school level.

From November to December 2013, SEAMEO INNOTECH embarked on translation workshops with science and Filipino experts to improve the initial translation done by a project consultant. The translated lessons, printed in posters designed by La Maison des Sciences, were also presented to a group of high school students and were used in actual demonstration teaching activities to validate their relevance and accuracy.  (The result of this validation study is found in the project’s final report)

In commemoration of the Philippines-France Friendship Day, SEAMEO INNOTECH, in partnership with the Embassy of France in Manila, will hold a poster-exhibit on 26 June 2014 in its campus in Diliman, Quezon City featuring the Marie Curie science lessons in Filipino.

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To view or download the materials, go to the iKNOW page.

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