Applied Academics for Excellence – Part 1

In a country where majority of high school graduates are unable to pursue higher education in favour of early employment, APEX proves to be relevant as it improves the job and livelihood prospects of high school students by providing them with basic workplace and entrepreneurship education. Thus, students acquire life preparation skills necessary to be productive members of the community.


APEX is a community-based project that connects secondary schools to the development framework of the community through meaningful collaborations and local education governance. Academic teaching and learning utilize the workplace, entrepreneurship, and the community as learning contexts to enrich the development, and ingrain in them civic responsibility early in life.


The Project sets forth the following objectives:

  • Develop basic workplace and entrepreneurial competencies of students;
  • Build strong institutional capacity for program sustainability; and
  • Actively engage relevant stakeholders in the community.


APEX offers a deliberate and conscious effort in engaging secondary schools and their communities. It is founded on partnerships between and among the local industries, civic organization, and the wider community.

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