Assessment Systems in Southeast Asia: Models, Successes and Challenges

This SIREP-funded regional policy research study sought to determine the gains made in the area of learner assessment systems in Southeast Asia and explore new possibilities for action.


It primarily aimed to identify good practices, determine success factors as well as challenges experienced by different Ministries of Education as they assess their learners’ school performance based on the three functions of assessment–assessment of learning, assessment for learning, and assessment as learning.


The research comprised a desk review of related literature, administration of a learner assessment survey to the Ministries of Education (MOEs), and conduct of a regional research workshop.


The regional workshop was held from 17 to 19 July 2012 with representatives of the MOEs from ten (10) SEAMEO member countries. During the workshop, the participants shared an analysis of the learner assessment system of their respective country. The responses to the learner assessment survey were also validated during the workshop.


The outputs of the workshop were further translated into a research monograph and a policy note entitled “Assessment Systems in Southeast Asia: Models, Successes, and Challenges.”

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