Education for All (EFA) Assessment and Catch-up Plan

SEAMEO INNOTECH was tasked by the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) to conduct a study to assess the implementation of EFA and prepare a catch up plan that will bring the country closer to its 2015 EFA goals.


The research assessed the degree of implementation of the four component objectives and Nine Production and Enabling Tasks. The project underscored the need to remove the bottlenecks of EFA implementation to achieve education for all by 2015.


The country has achieved remarkable progress in terms of achieving functional literacy rates of more than the targeted rate of 86% and high increase in ECE enrolment. However some gaps were still identified, the addressing of which, will form part of the EFA acceleration plan. This includes improving performance of the country in keeping the 5-6 year old children in school; increasing participation of children in early childhood programs; improving the drop out and repetition rates; making all elementary grade pupils and high school students complete their education; increasing the performance of kids in school; improving the quality and access of ARMM in basic education; improving the EFA information system and investing more in Philippine basic education meeting international norms of 6% GNP allocated for education.


The Center completed the Final Report after incorporating the suggestions and feedback received from DepEd and adding good practices. DepEd issued A resolution in February 2014 to use the result of this research.

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