Case Studies of Selected ADM Models in the Philippines

SEAMEO INNOTECH allocated funds to conduct case studies on existing ADM models that would assist the Philippine Department of Education as it threshes out further the mechanics and guidelines for the use of ADMs in the additional two years of secondary education under the K to 12 program.


The project has the following specific objectives: 1) to examine in-depth the various models of alternative delivery modalities, including the local initiatives, at the secondary level being adopted in selected provinces; 2) to assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of each ADM under different difficult or special circumstances; 3) to determine how ADM models would be employed/implemented in senior high school under the K to 12 program; and 4) to recommend policy options that would update, upgrade and mainstream ADM models suited for senior high school level.


One school per region from the 17 regions of the country were initially identified as case study subjects. This was later expanded to 34 schools. Data collection involved fielding of questionnaires and conduct of FGDs and key informant interviews in all 34 schools.


The study collected data in 34 local schools, and presented preliminary findings during the Flexible Learning Options workshop held in April 2013. Caselets have already been written for integration into the final report.

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