Early Literacy Instruction for K-3 Teachers

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This course provides K-3 Teachers with quality and readily accessible capacity building opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills to teach literacy–a skill that is critical for our students to have. UNESCO defines literacy as “the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts.”


The course aims to help participants to become familiar with effective and practical strategies in teaching reading and writing, specifically to introduce teaching reading and writing in the early grades and to provide them with practical strategies to help their students become competent.


Literacy is especially important in the new normal as our students find themselves reading and studying away from school. Literacy empowers our students to engage not just in school, but also in the bigger world around them. Teachers of literacy have the special responsibility of enabling young individuals to communicate, understand information, think critically, and participate in society. This course also aims to help teachers carry that responsibility–by equipping them with effective and practical strategies to develop competent young readers.


Literacy is also important in the current knowledge economy which puts premium on the human intellectual capital. It is an essential competency that has to be learned by students. Overall, this course introduces foundations of literacy, introduction to read-alouds, questioning techniques for comprehension, using leveled reading, introduction to leveled reading, planning and conducting a lesson using read-aloud, guided reading with leveled readers, and planning and conducting a lesson using leveled readers.

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Program Details

Modality: Online course with synchronous and asynchronous activities

Duration:  9 weeks

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