ICeXCELS Module 1: Affirm the Instructional Leadership Roles

To be able to provide instructional leadership in your school, you need to be aware of what is expected of you. You have to be familiar with your
role in leading curricular and instructional processes. This provides you with a clearer direction and enhances your focus on areas where more
work is needed. Are you already aware of your many roles in providing instructional leadership in your school? Studying the lessons in this module is a good way to know more about these roles.


This module is the first in a series of modules in the LEARNTECH eXCELS program for enhancing principals’ instructional leadership competencies for more effective schools. It provides an overview of the knowledge base principals need to acquire, the tasks which must be accomplished, and the skills needed to be an effective instructional leader.

Other Resources
  • Good Practices in Early Childhood Care and Development Quality Assurance in Southeast Asia
  • Nonformal Education: Emerging Patterns and Trends (October – December)
  • Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education Research Brief (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • INNOTECH eNewsletter – May 2016
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ICeXCELS Module 1: Affirm the Instructional Leadership Roles

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