Instructional Management by Parents, Community and Teachers (IMPACT) Learning System

The IMPACT (Instructional Management by Parents, Community and Teachers) System was developed in the 70’s with funding from the International Development Research Center (IDRC). The system heavily relies on self-learning modules based on the curriculum of the Department of Education. As basic education curriculum changed over time, these learning materials likewise were revised. The materials were also enhanced with other multimedia components such as audio and video supplements and self-learning modules on computer education. Thus, the learning system was renamed e-IMPACT because of these technology-based enhancements. The system was piloted in six (6) schools all over the country, one in the Luzon area, three in the Bicol Region, one in Central Visayas, and one in Region 9, Mindanao.


IMPACT in Zamboanga and ARMM.

This project, being funded by USAID EQuALLS-CAII aimed to pilot the IMPACT Learning System in schools in Mindanao with predominantly Muslim learners. Before the actual pilot, the learning modules were first submitted to a review and revision process to make the learning modules more relevant, appropriate and sensitive to Muslim learners. Three schools were identified, two in Zamboanga City, Region 9 and one in Basilan, ARMM. School heads and staff of these three schools were provided several training on the implementation of the learning system and the schools were given financial, technical and material support during the pilot of the system. The Project was concluded in 2005.


Enhancement of the Technology Component of the IMPACT System as a Quality ADM for Basic Education and Aligning IMPACT with K to 12

The Educational Research and Innovations Office of INNOTECH completed the Implementation Guidebook for the IMPACT system. Copies of this have been distributed to stakeholders including school heads from TAOS Puso-supported schools. Also, a total of 320 (RBEC) IMPACT learning materials have been revised and aligned to the K to 12 curriculum including some newly developed mother-tongue based modules.

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