Passion for Teaching

In line with the continuing effort of SEAMEO INNOTECH to foster constructive dialogue and consultation on various education issues and concerns affecting the Southeast Asian Region, the Third Regional Education Forum was conducted last March 22-24, 2011 with the theme: Rediscovering the Passion for Teaching in Southeast Asia.


This three-day forum actively engaged the participants into a continuing conversation about the core factors that enable teachers to sustain their motivation, commitment and passion for teaching. The participants, composed of outstanding teachers themselves and senior education personnel responsible in teachers training and development, were able to define the Success Profile of a passionate/ motivated teacher. This Success Profile lists the specific 1) Competencies —set of knowledge, skills, values required of a teacher to passionately and successfully carry out his/her tasks and responsibilities; 2) Personal Attributes —general characteristics and personal traits of a teacher which set her/him apart from the other professions and 3) Experiences — necessary experiences that a teacher must/should go through as part of his/her learning journey contributing to continuous professional enhancement.


The Forum was also highlighted by the sharing and exchange of teacher development policies, strategies and programs to further sustain teachers’ passion for teaching. Resource panelists from both the government and private sector shared their respective programs and strategies on how to recognize and take care of ‘outstanding, committed and highly motivated teachers’ which triggered further discussion and conversation on how to sustain teachers’ passion for teaching.

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Passion for Teaching

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