Policy Notes: Exploring Teachers’ Whys

In the Philippines, perceptions about the status of teachers and the teaching profession vary. While it is still generally perceived to be an honorable profession, it also beset by challenges, such as perceptions of inadequate salaries, poor working conditions, and challenging professional development progression (Cabato, 2018). Despite this, many want to partake and remain in the teaching profession.


In her keynote address during the SEAMEO Governing Board Meeting held in Manila in 2017, Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor M. Briones emphasized the importance of understanding teachers’ motivations to improve student achievement outcomes. Heeding DepEd’s calls for research focusing on teacher motivation, in 2018 SEAMEO INNOTECH embarked on a project that aimed to surface teachers’ motivations for joining and remaining in the profession.


The research on Teacher Motivation surfaced the factors that influence teachers’ motivation to become teachers, remain as teachers, and possibly leave the teaching profession which were represented in a framework. The factors were generated through key informant interview which were validated through online survey.

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Policy Notes: Exploring Teachers’ Whys

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