Project Small Schools Management for Lifelong Learning (Project SMaLL)

This report presents a framework that explains how community-based support can improve educational management of small schools. The framework draws lessons from the experience of school principals, teachers, parents and students of selected small schools in Lao PDR, Malaysia and the Philippines that may be particularly useful for the region, and identifies challenges and promising practices that impact on the effective management of small schools. It uses information from school-based data and reports, as well as from case studies that were conducted by SEAMEO INNOTECH after providing capacity building interventions to a sample of small schools in the region. The report is also informed by qualitative data gathered in the monitoring of seven small schools. The findings hope to provide inputs to policy makers in the Ministries of Education to consider the strengths, challenges and recommendations for better management of small schools as they continue to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” for the next 15 years of EFA (SDG 4 Education 2030).

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Project Small Schools Management for Lifelong Learning (Project SMaLL)

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