School-based Quality Learning Cells (q-LEARN)

Project q-Learn (School-Based Quality Learning Cells) addresses a critical concern of the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) in terms of enabling inputs towards developing more effective schools: adequate learning packages and other materials for the professional development of teachers, school managers and educational managers to enrich their competencies in managing the school system, from the management level to the classroom level. Project q-Learn is funded under the Third Elementary Education Project (TEEP) School Improvement and Innovation Facility (SIIF) National Window.


The Project aims to enhance the competencies of teachers and school administrators on the use of professional self-learnign packages designed to enable them to carry out school-based, self-propelled learning activities at their own pace and in their own styles. It is envisioned that these competencies shall consequently help improve student achievement in the different learning areas on the Basic Education Curriculum (BEC).

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