In 2003, the Philippines became the first country to implement Bridge-IT program, a global program that aims to “enable teacher, youth, workers and other youth-serving professionals with an end-to-end technology, content and support platform that delivers high quality education content to supplement the indigenous educational curriculum in countries throughout the world.”


Bridge-IT was renamed as Text2Teach, adapting it to the local setting in terms of education and technology. Text2Teach provides an “easy-to-use, full-access multimedia solution that can deliver educational content into local classrooms,” and quality training to teachers, as well as RBEC-based teacher’s guides. Specifically, the program offers access to interactive multimedia packages in English, Science, and Mathematics for Grades V and VI pupils through the use of mobile technology (Nokia N95 and N86). Each participating school is given a Nokia N95/N86 8GB mobile phone (with pre-installed video clips through the Nokia Education Delivery or NED), 29-inch colored television set, one set of Teacher’s Guides and Folio in English, Science & Mathematics V & VI, and teachers training.


Text2Teach is implemented by the Text2Teach Alliance which is composed of Nokia, Ayala Foundation, Globe Telecom, SEAMEO INNOTECH, local government units, and Department of Education.

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