Translation of Marie Curie’s Science Lessons in Filipino

The Filipino translation of Marie Curie’s lesson-experiments emerged from the Inquiry-based Science Education (IBSE) international seminar organized by La main a la pate Fondacion on June 3 to 8, 2013 in France for 49 science educators from 33 countries. The seminar aimed to share and transfer the expertise and resources gathered by La main a la pate towards improving science and technology education.


In commemoration of Marie Curie’s noble contribution in the field of science and technology, La Maison des Sciences is promoting her lesson plan exemplars through educational posters that can be used for teaching students and for teacher training in science. Currently, these educational posters are translated into 20 languages, including Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia. You can find the translated materials at the Les leçons de Marie Curie website.


To add to these two Southeast Asian languages, SEAMEO INNOTECH, through its Solutions Evaluation and Adaptation Unit, felt the need to volunteer to undertake the Filipino translation to contribute to the enhancement of quality teaching and understanding of basic concepts of chemistry and physics using the national language. Science is a core learning area for K to 12 which needs further support in terms of instructional materials to further develop the scientific literacy of the Filipino youth.


The translated lessons presented in poster layout can be used in promoting science education for K to 10 (i.e., junior high school level) as instructional aid for teaching and learning. The materials can be used by science teachers for knowledge sharing, stimulating the learner’s interest in science and technology, developing the culture of science, and in enhancing scientific literacy among young learners.

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