Quirino province school leaders train on leading and managing K to 12 schools

SEAMEO INNOTECH is facilitating a customized training program from 12 to 16 May 2014 on leading and managing K to 12 schools for 50 school heads from the Department of Education’s Division Office in Quirino province.


The program is expected to provide participants with a deeper understanding of K to 12, including its rationale, salient features, and impact on the strategic directions of a school. It also intends to capacitate the participants to meet the demands of K to 12 through enhanced instructional coaching on curricular enrichment and learner assessment.


The program makes use of three interrelated modules to facilitate the build-up of competencies. Module 1 covers the topic on school leadership. This provides participants with a broader understanding of all the changing education realities that will hopefully enable them to set and refine strategic priorities of their respective schools. At the same time, Module 1 affords the participants with a realization of their changing roles, particularly under the K to 12 program.




Module 2 focuses on K to 12 school leadership practices relating to (1) collaborative instructional coaching; (2) K to 12 curriculum enhancement and contextualization; (3) learner assessment; and (4) building school-community partnerships and resource mobilization and management.


The last module talks about the K to 12 school leader. This provides participants with opportunity to re-examine themselves, take stock of their leadership capital, assess their own areas for development, and identify key action steps to make them better prepared to lead their schools under K to 12.


At the end of the program, participants of this program are expected to come up with a concrete action plan to outline their respective school’s (1) strategic focus and priorities under a K to 12 environment, (2) instructional coaching plan, and (3) stakeholder engagement plan.


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