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Majority of the students in the Region are still affected by the uncertain opening of schools. Massive efforts were made to set flexible school routines and delivery modalities, much more in preparing teachers and students to navigate through the new learning environment.


Now, parents and other family members are providing greater support to their children who are at home learning. School communities come together to offer help.


Without realizing it, all these and other shifts are redefining the institution, we call school.

About the Forum

A new school context is being created by this crisis. A school where learning is no longer confined inside the classroom, it happens at any place, anytime and on any device. While there are difficulties and challenges still to be addressed, highlighting the innovations and what works will motivate us to rethink about the future of our schools.


Compelled by the changing landscape, SEAMEO INNOTECH joined in the global discourse on the future of schools amid and beyond the pandemic. The Center gathered various education practitioners and key stakeholders across the Region to hold a safe space for compelling conversations, sharing of best practices and experiences, and fostering the convergence of views and possibilities around the theme: how we might reinvent schools for a better future of every learner in Southeast Asia?


Creative solutions

Generate knowledge about the evolving education landscape and find solutions to issues facing learners and educators in Southeast Asia

Remarkable partnerships

Strengthen cooperation and exchange of educational experiences among education stakeholders and partners

Inspired schools

Reinvent the school as a learning ecosystem that inspires interaction and engagement for everyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow

Common advocacy

Contribute knowledge to the global discourse on the future of schools amid and beyond the pandemic

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Book of Proceedings

Regional Forum 2022 Book of Proceedings

How will schooling look like in the future?

In line with the Regional Forum 2022, SEAMEO INNOTECH held a poster-making contest for Elementary and Secondary level learners in Southeast Asia. With this contest, we have gathered the learners’ insights on how they imagine the future of schools through their creative artworks. Check out the different artworks displayed on our virtual exhibit.


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