Regional Forum 2022 Book of Proceedings

It’s Time to Reinvent Our Schools! A School of Everything, A School for Everyone

Since March 2020, when schools around the globe closed, we have not gone back to normal, traditional schooling. There have been some partial reopening of schools, some limited face-to-face interaction, and some full home-based learning. Some countries with limited internet connectivity and gadgets offered print-based modules, while others implemented hybrid or blended learning. And because learners are at home, we saw a different level of engagement among parents and families. Now, parents and other family members are providing greater support to children who are learning at home. School communities have come together to offer help, distribute learning materials, health care packages, and other needs of schoolchildren. Without us realizing it, all these occurrences are redefining the institution we call a school. Perhaps, a new school is being born out of this crisis.


The Regional Forum provided the space and opportunity for everyone to partake in the shared reimagining of the future of schools. Through the conversations, we gained an appreciation of the solutions and innovations being done in various countries. We explored possibilities on how we can reinvent the school as a learning ecosystem that inspires and engages everyone, anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. We identified collaborative programs that would further strengthen cooperation and exchange of educational experiences among stakeholders and partners.


We invite everyone to continue the dialogue and build on what has emerged so that together, we will come up with breakthroughs and possibilities for our theme: “How might we reinvent schools for a better future of every learner in Southeast Asia?”

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Regional Forum 2022 Book of Proceedings

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